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Whether you need  assistance, with new product development and prototype parts, or full production runs of manufactured product, we have the experience and capabilities to support your thick film needs.  
Reverse Engineering of thick film heaters used in the  Aviation aftermarket is a growing part of our business.  If you have a project that requires reverse engineering a thick film heater for Galley or Air Frame application please contact us.  We would be happy to work with you.
We are innovators in the design and use of thick film materials and processes in low cost, high performance heat and resistance applications on  ceramic, insulated aluminum and stainless steel substrates.  Custom designs of heaters, resistors and heat spreaders can be fabricated in almost any two dimensional shape from a variety of ceramic, aluminum and stainless steel materials.  The low profile and excellent thermal coupling of thick film heaters can, in many cases, outperform either cartridge or wire wound heaters and often at the same or lower cost. 
Innovative materials to support the manufacturer of unique ceramic structures and fine electronic ceramics through our relationship with C-12 Advanced Materials Carbon and Ceramic based pastes and tapes. 

 C-12 Ceramic Tape based setter sheets are used throughout the world at industrial and research organizations to improve firing characteristics of fine ceramics in the military electronics, ferrite magnetics, and medical electronics fields.   Our products are also seeing use in the fields of powder metallurgy and metal injection molding to protect surfaces during the sintering process. 
Using C-12  setter sheets as dividers between stacked parts allows furnaces to be loaded more efficiently while protecting the surface finish of unfired ceramic products and preventing sticking of products to each other or to kiln furniture.   Please visit for information on these fine materials.
Please contact us with your application.  We will be happy to provide a complimentary 30 minutes of free consulting regarding your application to help you determine if a thick film approach is what is needed.

Please NOTE: It is the policy of Thick Film Technologies Inc. to purchase materials that conform to the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Global e-Sustainability Initiative  (GeSI) and comply with the initiatives goals concerning Conflict Metals.